iFixit’s Nintendo Switch teardown reveals a console that’s relatively easy to fix


With the Nintendo Switch now out in the wild, early adopters have had a chance to find out Nintendo’s console has its share of hardware-related issues.

The good news is that while some of the Switch’s components may not be the most durable or high quality, the console is relatively easy to repair. The heroes at iFixit took apart their Switch before getting any time in with The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (now that’s devotion to one’s fans). For the most part, iFixit’s findings were positive.

Switch tablet disassembled

Many of the Switch’s internal components, including several pieces that will see inevitable wear and tear such as the game cartridge reader and headphone jack, are modular, making them easy to replace. Moreover, compared to companies like Apple, Nintendo was measured in its use of adhesive; only the console’s display and digitizer are held together by strong adhesive.

Then there is the matter of the screws Nintendo used to secure many of the Switch’s internal components. With the exception of several proprietary tri-point guarding access to the Switch’s internals, everything side of the console is held down by standard Philips screws. Together, these factors convinced iFixit to give Nintendo’s new console an eight out of ten repairability score.

Switch Joy-con controllers disassembled

The teardown also revealed an interesting insight into the technology the Switch uses to power its HD Rumble feature. According to iFixit, the linear resonant actuator (LRA) found inside of the Switch’s HD Rumble component is very similar to LRAs found inside of the Oculus Touch controller, Steam controller and HTC Vive controller.

In fact, according to iFixit, they’re almost identical. From am internal design standpoint, iFixit says it’s clear Nintendo emphasized making a console that had a large battery and sufficient internal cooling.

Check out iFixit’s complete teardown on its website.

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Source: iFixit

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