PPTP VPNs may no longer work over Rogers LTE


Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) virtual private networks, or VPNS, may no longer work through Rogers’ LTE network.

Rogers subscribers who use VPNs that employ the PPTP method, which is generally considered to be obsolete, began discussing the issue on a DSLReports forum. Several users reported their PPTP VPN no longer worked over Rogers LTE, while one stated that a Rogers representative informed him that business account holders could regain PPTP VPN service through a paid subscription.

PPTP’s security implementation relies on tunneling and the spec does not describe encryption or authentication features. It has largely been abandoned due to known security vulnerabilities.

It’s unclear whether this is a mere technical glitch, an active block of the use of PPTP VPNs or if it is simply the company leaving behind a work-around used to facilitate the protocol due to its obsolescence. Either way, users who rely on their PPTP VPN may want to begin the search for an alternative option.

MobileSyrup has reached out to Rogers for comment.

Source: DSLReports

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